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Susan's Triple Punishment

join HiDefSpankingMasie Dee's red hot bottom cheerleader spanking

Game of Thrones star Masie Dee gets her pert bottom spanked then paddled in this red hot film. Masie looks divine in her cheerleader's outfit but it soon has to come off so that she can be spanked and paddled nude.

Susan's Triple Punishment

join HiDefSpankingSusan's Triple Punishment

Susan needs to be reminded that being a senior schoolgirl does not protect her from her Headmaster's hard hand, slipper and cane if she should misbehave. This beautiful young lady is made to bare her bottom for a triple punishment.

A severe caning for Anastasia

join HiDefSpankingA severe caning for Anastasia

Sometimes a young lady needs more than just a telling off or a mild spanking. Sometimes she needs to be reminded most forecefully of her responsibilities and duties as a school girl so that she remembers them. Young Anastasia now finds herself being spanked, paddled and caned on her naked pert bottom in just such a cause!

School party flirting retribution for Amelia Jane Rutherford

join HiDefSpankingLacey Bottomley's Judicial Punishment Session

Lacey Bottomley now has to face up to her transgressions and take the punishment laid down by the court. She is to be spanked on her golden panties and bare bottom and then bent over the horse for a severe bare bottom tawsing which leaves her in no doubt that she has been judicially severely punished.

School party flirting retribution for Amelia Jane Rutherford

join HiDefSpankingSchool party flirting retribution for Amelia Jane Rutherford

Amelia Jane has been flirting with other men at the school party themed school reunion. Her husband now shows he is her true headmaster spanks and canes her severely for her transgressions.

Japanese schoolgirl & pyjamas spanking for Susan James

join HiDefSpankingJapanese schoolgirl & pyjamas spanking for Susan James

When you come home the 'worse for wear' from a Japanese school themed party you know that you will be in trouble. 18 year old Susan James now faces an immediate spanking on her frilly panties and bare bottom and knows that the hairbrush awaits her in the morning!

Spanking Therapy for Lacey Bottomley

join HiDefSpankingSpanking Therapy for Lacey Bottomley

18 year old student Lacey Bottomley has always wanted to be spanked but never had the courage, until now, to do anything about it. She makes an appointment with a well-known practitioner of the corporal arts for him to deliver her very first spanking. This he does with care and Lacey loves it so much she has a second spanking dressed as a Japanese schoolgirl.

Pjs spanking for Susan James

join HiDefSpankingPjs slippering for Susan James

18 year old student Susan James returns back to her student accommodation after curfew the worse for drink. The Custodian informs that she will be punished in the morning. She is to wear her pyjamas and will receive a spanking and slippering for breaking the college's rules.

Lacey Bottomley's Come Uppance join HiDefSpanking

Lacey Bottomley's Come Uppance

Graffiti bespoils a school and so when a perpetrator is caught an example must be made. 18 year old Sixth Form schoolgirl Lacey Bottomley now faces the Headmaster and gets her cheeky bottom 'graffited' bright red with is hand, slipper and well spaced caning!

It's not fair for Amelia Jane Rutherford join HiDefSpankingIt's not fair for Amelia Jane Rutherford

Amelia Jane is married to a wealthy man who will no longer accept her lazy ways. He decides that giving Amelia an exemplary punishment now will save him a lifetime of woe later. Spanked and then paddled on her bare bottom Amelia soon understands what is expected of a wife.

An ecclesiastical chastisement for Susan James

join HiDefSpankingA sound spanking for Anastasia

Anastasia is a bad wife. She annoys her husband with her lazy ways and her flirting with other men. He now takes her in hand and tans her pert spankable rear!
An ecclesiastical chastisement for Susan James

join HiDefSpankingAmelia Jane Rutherford in the "Well Spanked Secretary"

Amelia Jane has been fiddling the expenses and taking advantage of her boss's good nature. It is now time for her to be made to make amends if she wants to keep her job!
An ecclesiastical chastisement for Susan James

join HiDefSpankingA sound slippering for Sinnead Tennant

Sinnead Tennant now faces the Headmaster for her bad behaviour and bullying of other girls. A sound bare-bottom spanking and a dose of his trusty gym shoe soon changes this 18 year old schoolgirl's attitude.
An ecclesiastical chastisement for Susan James

join HiDefSpankingAn ecclesiastical chastisement for Susan James

Susan James has been gossiping with her friends during the church service. The Vicar now makes her pay for her transgressions with a sound bare bottom OTK spanking session.
Sinnead Tennnat gets a blistering bare bottom spanking

join HiDefSpankingA paddling to remember for Louise Trumble

18 year old Louise Trumble has finally stepped over the line once too often and now faces her school Housemaster for a severe dose of painful correction to her bare bottom.
Sinnead Tennnat gets a blistering bare bottom spanking

join HiDefSpankingPayback for a PayDay Loan

When Sinnead Tennant needs money for a holiday she seeks the help of PayDay Loans. When he sees her petite figure and tight buns the only interest the manager has is in seeing how he may spank and paddle them with her OTK and bare!
Sinnead Tennnat gets a blistering bare bottom spanking

join HiDefSpankingTrumble's wrong panties hairbrush paddling

18 year old Louise Trumble knows that her school has a strict dress code. Wearing diaphanous see-threw panties is a serious infringement of those rules and she gets double spanked and then a dose of her hairbrush on her bare bottom for her transgressions.
Sinnead Tennnat gets a blistering bare bottom spanking

join HiDefSpankingHot bottom treatment for Sinnead Tennant

Trying to deceive the college doctor that you are too ill to sit the exam is not a good idea, especially when he dishes out a dose of his hot bottom medicine for lazy 18 year old girls!
Schoolgirl Kelly Wilson gest caned for the very first time

join HiDefSpankingI told you Louise what would happen if you went out dressed like that!

When you come home dressed like a a tart and smelling of alchohol you can expect some displeasure from the man of the house. 18 year old Louise soon finds out that his displeasure can lead to her receiving a very sore bare bottom!
Schoolgirl Kelly Wilson gest caned for the very first time

join HiDefSpankingKelly Wilson gets caned for the
very first time

Blonde 18 year old schoolgirl Kelly Wilson has got away with bullying younger girls for far too long. Now her Headmaster has decided she should face the burn of his cane on her virgin buttocks for the first time.
RAF spanking for Kelly

join HiDefSpankingBaxter earns a thrashing

Petite Upper 6th Form schoolgirl Elizabeth Baxter may be 18 but it does not prevent her from receiving a severe thrashing with hand, paddle and cane from the strict headmaster of her private school.
RAF spanking for Kelly

join HiDefSpankingRAF spanking for Kelly

Kelly Wilson is a discgrace to the Womens Royal Air Force. This 18 year old WRAF cadet now has to accept exemplary punishment from her Commanding Officer. The Group Captain takes his hard hand and stingiest paddle to her pert derriere.

Spanking Escort Interview

join HiDefSpankingDanielle spanked, paddled and caned

Danielle is a bad pupil, she is late and lazy and obstinate. The headmaster therefore has no option but to deliver an exemplary punishment. 18 year old Danielle has her bare bottom spanked, then paddled with his leather paddle before bending over for a severe bare bottom caning.

Spanking Escort Interview

join HiDefSpankingA Headmaster's thrashing for 6th former Fae Corbin

18 year old Fae Corbin, of the Upper 6th form at Greystone Manor private school now gets the thrashing of her life from the Headmaster. Handspanked then slippered then finally caned on her bare bottom she learns her lesson.

Spanking Escort Interview

join HiDefSpankingPainful therapy for Elizabeth Baxter

A visit to the renowned fetish therapist soon has Elizabeth Baxter OTK getting a reddened bottom before she is bent over for a painful dose of his wooden ruler. That will teach her to be curious about being spanked!

Spanking Escort Interview

join HiDefSpankingSorority paddle punishment for Danielle

Danielle has neglected her university assignments and now faces being sent down or accepting her tutor's punishment. She chooses to be spanked then paddled with his genuine US sorority paddle

Spanking Escort Interview

join HiDefSpankingFae learns a lesson from Miss Stricktland

Petite 18 year old schoolgirl Fae Corbin has earned a severe bare bottom spanking and paddling from the fearsome Deputy Headmistress Miss Stricktland, who lives up to her name and reputation!

Spanking Escort Interview

join HiDefSpankingSpanking Escort Interview

Kelly Wilson is applying to join Miss Stricktland's exclusive Hot Bottom Escort Service and has been asked to attend an intrview with this formidable lady. Kelly is informed that she must undertake a 'practical' test and is soon OTK and bare bottomed getting the spanking of her life!

A triple punishment for Elizabeth Baxter

join HiDefSpankingDanielle's double spanking

Danielle is in trouble again with her Housemaster Mr. Butcher. She is made to visit his quarters in the school and he gives this18 year old a sound spanking. When she is made to stand in the corner she knocks over a vase and candles and so earns another spanking on her already hot bare bottom.

A triple punishment for Elizabeth Baxter

join HiDefSpankingA double spanking for Fae

Late home on a school night means 18 year old Fae Corbin is spanked before she changes for school and is then spanked again wearing her gingham summer school uniform.

A triple punishment for Elizabeth Baxter

join HiDefSpankingChloe gets the ultimate punishment

Smoking in school during the lunch break is strictly prohbited. For disobeying this rule the Headmaster has only one course of action. 18 year old Chloe is hand spanked, slippered and then severly caned on her red hot bottom. As Chloe has never been caned before her bottom explodes into weals.

A triple punishment for Elizabeth Baxter

join HiDefSpankingMasie Dee exposes herself to a painful and shameful paddling

18 year old schoolgirl Masie Dee soon feels his wrath for her insolent behaviour. Firstly spanked OTK on her pristine white panties she has them removed until she iher pert bottom is spanked red. But this is not the end of her punishment. She is bent over on the table, her anus and pussy shamefully on show whilst he tans her bottom with his gym slipper.

A triple punishment for Elizabeth Baxter

join HiDefSpankingA triple punishment for Baxter

18 year old Elizabeth Baxter has earned the ultimate punishment from her Housemaster. She is to receive the 'Holy Trinity' form him. This means she is to have her bare bottom spanked, paddled and finally 12 strokes of his hard cane whipped onto her pert bottom.

Chloe Rogers spanked

join HiDefSpankingHow new teachers should be taught!

Chloe Rogers is a good student teacher but when she is reported to the Headmaster for slippering a boy he goes to see her and soon gets to the bottom of the problem. He upends this young lady and spanks her thoroughly before removing her panty-hose and panties and slippers her severely on her bare bottom.

Elizabeth Baxter hot bottom

join HiDefSpankingElizabeth's truly hot bottom

18 year old Elizabeth Baxter says she is too unwell to go to school. She claims to have a temperature. There is only one way to verify her statement and that is by taking her temperature - rectally! When she is found to be lying he takes his hand to her beautifully pert bottom and really raises her temperature!

Masie Dee spanked and ruler

join HiDefSpankingA model marriage for the Headmaster

George Butcher has a beautiful but rebellious ex-model for his wife. As the Headmaster of his private boys school he tries to maintain order but his wife's skimpy dress inflames not only the boys but also George's sense of duty. Now Masie will feel his anger in this intimate and revealing spanking episode.

Masie Dee spanked and ruler

join HiDefSpankingA hands-on-experience for Alice in Spankoland

Poor young Kelly just hasn't grasped the idea of 'customer service' in her new job as the Alice in Wonderland figure at the local theme park. Swearing at the kids and being argumentative with their parents earns her a well-deserved and long-overdue trip to be pushed by the theme park's owner. OTK, diaper and then bent over showing all her 'charms' is the least of her worries as his hard hand blisters her derriere

Masie Dee spanked and ruler

join HiDefSpankingChloe's pole dance punishment

Chloe Rogers goes for an interview to be a pole dancer She either gets this job or loses her job-seekers benefits. Chloe soon finds that displeasing her future employer has painful consequences and she is soon bare bottom and OTK for a painful 'pep talk"!

Masie Dee spanked and ruler

join HiDefSpankingArrested and Punished

Arrested and Punished When you have to go to the local jail to bail out Elizabeth your patience may be a little frayed. So when you get her back home the best cure for your frayed patience will be to put the said young lady over your lap and tan her bottom bright red with your hand and strap!

Masie Dee spanked and ruler

join HiDefSpankingA table tennis paddle tanning for Kelly Wilson

Beautiful blonde 18 year old 6th form schoolgirl Kelly Wilson is now in for a red-hot bottom as she is taken over his knees and soundly spanked. Firstly over her crisp white knickers and then on the reddening bare bottom her punishment is then is painfully finished off with the table tennis paddle.

Masie Dee spanked and ruler

join HiDefSpankingBottom marks for a top saleswoman

Masie Dee is the best, and most beautiful, saleswoman in his company but he cannot resist taking this opportunity to take her down a peg for her dress sense and attitude to clients and himself. Faced with either corporal punishment or instant dismissal she takes the hard bare bottom spanking by hand and stingy plastic ruler. This movie has an uexpected a sting in tale!

Kali Redmond tawsed

join HiDefSpankingGrimthorpe Reformatory evening tawsing for Kali Redmond

Grimthorpe Reformatory, a name that is heard in dread by local girls for this is where they are sent by the Magistrates to suffer corporal punishment and degrading inspections.. Kali Redmond is the latest victim and she is spanked and then made to change into her Victorian night attire before she is severely and humiliatingly tawsed until truly penitent.

Emma spanked in summer schooldress

join HiDefSpankingThe Headmaster's new secretary

Being a Headmaster is an onerous task but when one of the school's ex-pupils applies to be your secretary, and you find her discipline record in the files, you realise that this young lady appears to have few objections to getting a hot bottom! It is obvious that he should test out his hypothesis during her interview and soon she is OTK and red bottomed and loving it!

Emma spanked in summer schooldress

join HiDefSpankingA new dress bottom warming

In these fiscally-challenged times you have to watch every penny. Having a wife that thinks money grows on trees and that a new party dress is more important than paying the utility bills is asking for trouble! kali Redmiond now faces her husband's disappointment, hard hand and leather paddle for her irresponsibility.

Emma spanked in summer schooldress

join HiDefSpankingA Sexy Santa Spanked

You awake from your afternoon nap to find a sexy Santa going through your wallet. What do you do? As any red-blooded male will tell you, you spank the cheeky minx! Jasmine Lau finds her gold panties are no protection to his hard and even less protection when they are lowered to her knees!

Emma spanked in summer schooldress

join HiDefSpankingLapdancer punished

Kelly Wilson is lapdancer that does home visits. George is a randy customer with wandering hands. Put the two together and you get an explosive mix with Kelly getting her beautiful arse tanned after she slaps George!

Emma spanked in summer schooldress

join HiDefSpankingA summer schooldress spanking for Emma

18 year old Emma Brown is in trouble again. Sent to the Headmaster for causing more trouble in the school he takes her over his knee for a sound bare-bottom spanking before bending her over a chair and finishing her off with a barrage of hard spanks with his trusty gym shoe to her naked cheeks.

Dee gets a visit from the Truant Officer

join HiDefSpankingMasie Dee gets a visit from the Truant Officer

18 year old Masie Dee thought that it was a nice day to bunk off school. I mean, who would have thought that the school would have a new "Discipline and Student Behaviour Officer", or Truant Officer for those of an older persuasion. He soon gets to the bottom of the problem and leaves Masie very hot and bothered!

Schoolgirl Masie dee gets a sexy double spanking

join HiDefSpanking A new school rule for Kali Redmond

Lazy, cheating and downright in need of a sound spanking and a dose of the Headmaster's new ruler on her bare bottom. That is how he describes 18 year old Kali Redmond, and his remedial spankings do not disappoint us!


Schoolgirl Masie dee gets a sexy double spanking

joinSandy Milton gets a rude awakening

Lazy, work shy and a late riser makes Rubinesque young Sandy Milton a girl in need of a short sharp shock. Her job is on the line and she now has to be reminded that she has to pay her way in the household na dget to work on time. Spanked and paddled into submission Sandy is taught a proper 'work ethic'!


Schoolgirl Masie dee gets a sexy double spanking

joinSlipper, strap and cane for schoolgirl Aimee Weston

Nowadays an 18 year old schoolgirl should take more care when she plays truant. Aimee Weston soon finds out that the Truant Officer now has corporal punishment penalties at his disposal when dealing with naughty girls. His slipper, strap and cane beat a rapid tatoo on her naked buttocks to teach her a lesson she will remember for a very long time.


Schoolgirl Masie dee gets a sexy double spanking

joinSchoolgirl Masie spanked for wanking

18 year old schoolgirl Masie Dee is caught wanking whilst watching spanking movies on her laptop. She soon finds that being spanked herself is an even a bigger turn-on! She gets a double spanking session because she wanks whilst stood in the corner after the first spankng! Her second spanking makes her cum with joy!


Spanking and slipper for schoolgirl Jasmine join

Sandy the tuck shop thief gets her just desserts

18 year old Sandy has been caught stealing stocks of sweets whilst in charge of the school's tuck shop. This sad state of affairs, and her lying about her crime, means the Deputy Headmaster must, in the absense of the Headmaster take her in hand, or rather over his knees for a good bare bottom spanking!


Spanking and slipper for schoolgirl Jasmine joinA hairbrush paddling in her pyjamas for Aimee

Aimee Weston is in for the slippering and hairbrush paddling of her young life. OTK and bare-bottomed he blisters her behind with his slipper before bending her over for the hardest paddling with a hairbrush she has ever experienced.


Spanking and slipper for schoolgirl Jasmine

joinA spanking and slippering before school for Jasmine

Jasmine Lau is late back from a party, in fact she is so late back she is caught sneaking in at dawn on a schoolday! Poor 18 year old Jasmine gets a blistering bare bottom spanking before being sent to change ready for school. When she is ready she gets a dose of the dreaded slipper to remind her to be good.


OTK spanking for porn star Masie

joinOTK spanking for porn star Masie

Masie Dee is a top porn star but even she need motivating sometimes to give of her best performance. Her mind is on her boyfriend and not on the job in hand and so the film director gives her a blistering OTK spanking to focus her on the task he is paying her for.


As saucy sailor schoolgirl gets well paddled

joinSaucy sailor schoolgirl pain

18 year old Samantha soon finds that arriving home late from an all-night party dressed as a saucy sailor girl wearing hot pants and no knickers is dicing with her destiny. She finds herseld draped naked over his lap for a hard spanking and then she is sent to change to get ready for school. Once in her school uniform she gets a blistering OTL paddling on her already blistered rear.


Tanned at bathtime

joinBathtime tanning

Housewife Aimee should have realised that her husband has no patience with her always being late when they go out. Her appearance in just a bathrobe and towel soon sends him into a state of hightened spanking frenzy as Aimee gets a pair of sound bare bottom spankings.


A petiet schoolgirl well caned

joinKatana spanking for a Japanese schoolgirl wannabe

18 year old Samantha likes to play her favourite cosplay role as a Japanese schoolgirl like Gogo Yubari in Kill Bill. Taking her guardian's priceless Samurai katana sword to play in the garden is going to cost her bottom dear!


A petiet schoolgirl well caned

joinHairbrush paddling for pub stop-out Jasmine

Jasmine Lau gets the spanking of her life in this scene. Her abusive response to being asked where she had been all night gets her a blistering OTK spanking. This spanking only makes her attitude worse and so he deploys his wooden hairbrush to paddle her into the right frame of mind!


A petiet schoolgirl well caned

joinA petite schoolgirl well caned

18 year old Elizabeth now has earned a hard caning from the Headmaster for her petulant attitude and flagrant disobedience of the school's rules on wearing tights


Interviiewing a new maid

joinHow to interview for a new maid

Amber has applied to be the new maid for the strict owner of a luxury house. His unusual interview methods leave her sore but happy!



Table tennis paddling for schoolgirl

joinTable tennis tanning

Elizabeth is a petulant 18 year old schoolgirl. Her moody behaviour now earns her a hot spanked bottom and then a dose of the table tennis bat on her bare bottom



A hard paddling for Kelly

joinLate home Kelly gets the paddle

It seems a leopard print dressed Kelly does not change her spots and so gets the spanking and paddling she so justly deserves after being caught sneaking home following a night of alcoholic enjoyment.



Do not annoy the school matron

joinDo not annoy the school Matron

18 year old Karen should really not be stroppy with Mrs McGregor, the school's formidable Scottish Matron, when she is questioned and examined to see if she is faking being unwell. Karen soon finds herself suffering a sore red bottom from Mrs McGregor's hard hand and even harder paddle!



Natlie's Christmas spanking

joinHot buns roasting by an open fire

Natalie, our punisher's Czech trophy wife soon finds out how he likes this Christmas cracker!

Served au-natural in front of a roaring Yule fire with a rosy glow given to her bare bottom by his loving hard hand which he then uses to carress her orbs and sooth them with cream!


Karen gets a skelping!

joinSlippered after school

You would have thought 18 year old 6th former Kelly would have learnt her lesson after the morning's spanking. But no, she carries on with her insolent behaviour after school and suffers another spanking and a dose of his slipper.


Karen gets a skelping!

joinScots schoolgirl slippered

18 year old Scots schoolgirl Karen now gets to feel the stinging sole of her own gym slipper beating onto her bare bottom, but only after having her buttocks spanked red raw with his hard hand. This Scots lassie will not feel like causing trouble again for some time after this skelping!

Like a virgin, spanked for the very first time

joinParty (un)Dress Spanking

19 year old Elizabeth thinks that the world revolves around her. If she wants to take his car to go to a party then she will take his car, regardless of such niceties as to whether she is given permission, or if she is insured. Unfortunately she is caught taking his keys and she gets a blistering pair of bare bottom spankings for her trouble - the last whilst absolutely nude!

Like a virgin, spanked for the very first time joinLike a virgin, spanked for the very first time

This 20 year old young lady had never had a hand laid upon her beautiful bottom in all her life. She had always had the urge to see what a spanking was like and so decided to get the 'deed' done by a caring professional spanker. That she wanted it done on film was an added bonus for us. So here we have the genuine first spanking of an 18 year old young lady, and we didn't spare her blushes, on all her cheeks!


Even older ladies need spanking

joinAn English spanking for a cheeky Czech schoolgirl

Natalie is a gorgeous 18 year old exchange student from the Czech Republic. She attends the local English girl's boarding school and has to obey the stern discipline of her English guardian. Her cheeky and irreverent manner gets her into trouble and she is soon taught the error of her ways with a good old-fashioned bare bottom OTK spanking.


Even older ladies need spanking

joinEmma Brown's Reformatory Induction

Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls is a grim throwback to the days of the Victorian workhouse. Emma Brown has been sent there by the Grimthorpe Magistrates as a last-ditch effort to reform this wayward girl before she earns herself a term in prison. She is spanked, made to change into the reformatory's uniform and punished again. Later that evening, dressed in the regulation Victorian open-crotch bloomers she is made to lie on the Boardroom table to be severely whipped with the cane.

Even older ladies need spanking

joinA PJs spanking for Kelly

Being late up for school earns 18 year old Kelly a sound OTK top-of-the-morning spanking over her pyjamas before they are lowered to allow him to deal with her bare bottom. Sent to change for school she is so insolent that a secoind, prolonged and painful spanking results.

Even older ladies need spanking

joinAnnie's camera test tanning

It is not only the pretty young things that need discipline in their lives. Annie is a mature lady who needs a hard hand and leather strap appled to her bare bottom on a regular basis. When a new video camera comes into the household what more excuse does he need to yet again thrash this good lady within an inch of her pleasure!

Will Grimthorpe Reformatory reform Clover?

joinCaned in the Conservatory

Emma Brown soon finds out her partner has no patience with girls that lie to him. Soon she is OTK getting her panties well spanked before he takes them down and blisters her butt. Not satisfied with just hand-spanking her he then takes his cane and delivers a blistering reminder to be truthful onto her reddened cheeks.

Will Grimthorpe Reformatory reform Clover?

joinCzech Model Interview

We often audition young ladies who want to be spanking models for us. This is to ensure that they know what will be involved. 22 year old Natalie, a young professional model from the Czech Republic now faces her interview. Bent OTK she is subjected to a bottom-reddening experience that leaves her hot and sore.

Will Grimthorpe Reformatory reform Clover?

joinEvening Punishment at Grimthorpe Reformatory for Clover Mathews

Continuing Clover Mathews' sojourn at the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for wayward Girls. She is now due the compulsory evening punishment. Dressed in the regulation evening wear of Victorian open crotch bloomers she is soundly whipped with an evil French martinet whip before being paddled, in an acknowledgement of her ancestry, with an Irish ferrula.

Will Grimthorpe Reformatory reform Clover?

joinIt's a slipper(y) slope for Emma Brown

Sometimes an OTK hand-spanking is just not sufficient to let an errant 18 year old schoolgirl know the depths of your displeasure. It is at these times that one has to resort to sterner measures and give her a dose of her least favourite punishment implement - your size 11 carpet slipper. When applied full-force to her bare bottom it has the desired effect and soon Emma is red-eyed, tearful and repentant.

Will Grimthorpe Reformatory reform Clover?

joinWill Grimthorpe Reformatory reform
a wayward Clover?

When she is sent to the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for wayward Girls for her lewd and illegal public behaviour, Clover Mathews thinks that in these enlightened and 'Human Rights Act' times that she is in for an easy time. Imagine her horror to find out that the Reformatory is exempt from such nonsense! Her introductory spanking and paddling foretell of the misery to come!

aupair caned on her legs

joinAn Oriental student is caned outdoors

Vandalising the Headmaster's garden in a fit of pique because he spanked her earlier in the week is not one of 18 year old Lilly's better ideas. He decides that only a severe, and immediate, bare bottom caning can make amends and so Chinese schoolgirl Lilly is bent over a garden table and thrashed with his senior cane until she is truly penitent.

Emmas pottery penis punishment

joinEmma's pottery penis punishment

Making a large realistic penis in pottery class was 18 year old Emma's downfall. The Headmaster now has had enough of this young lady's disrespect and mischief making and so now young Emma gets a well-deserved spanking on her pert and most spankable cheeks.

aupair caned on her legs

joinOur Polish aupair gets her legs caned for stealing

Kami Robertson is in trouble again. This delightful Polish pixie is an 23 year old aupair who is caught clearing up a the remains of a priceless crystal brandy glass which she had dropped whilst using it to drink her employer's fine brandy. His response is to spank and cane her pert bottom and then, to remind her to behave in future, he canes the exposed backs of her legs which leaves her with welts for anyone to see.

Schoolgirl gymslip caning and spanking

joinPaddle Punishment for an Oriental peach

18 year old Chinese exchange student Lilly discovers that the Headmaster has more than his hand to use on her disobedient and disrespectful posterior. His supple and heavy leather paddle soon brings her reign of trouble making to a painful end!


Schoolgirl gymslip caning and spanking joinClover's gymslip punishment

Clover, the 18 year old 6th form troublemaker, thinks she is clever wearing a very short gymslip meant for the 1st formers. The Headmaster thinks otherwise and firstly punishes her with a spanking that he would give a 1st former and then delivers the 6th form bare bottom caning she really deserves!


Victorian open crotch bloomer whipping

joinGrimthorpe Reformatory :
Robertson K.

24 year old Kami Robertson has been sent to the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for being a slut. She finds that this reformatory still runs on its Victorian founder's rules and she is made to strip and change into the inmates uniform. Her introductory beating is then followed by a severe tawsing with her naked bottom exposed through the Victoran open-crotch bloomers - before they come down and she is whipped to tears.


kittens spanking for clover

joinAsian schoolgirl spanked for the very first time

18 year old Chinese boarding schoolgirl Lilly is now to face her English Headmaster for her poor attitude. Unlike at home she now faces the first spanking of her life. She does not take it stoically.

kittens spanking for clover

joinSlippered at bedtime

Kami Robertson faces her Housemaster's displeasure. This 18 year old gets a preliminary hard bare bottom spanking in her school uniform before she is sent to change for bed. There she waits for his footsteps which herald her pyjama bottoms being lowered for a bare bottom hairbrushing followed by very hard spanks with his size 11 slipper.

kittens spanking for clover

joinIt's kittens for Clover

Clover has forged a cheque to pay for two adorable kittens, but now it is her that is 'having kittens' as she faces a hard hand and hairbrush spanking on her bare bottom. She is spanked it until her naked butt is bright red and she is one very sorry naughty 18 year old schoolgirl.

vintage dress spanking

joinThe cane for Caroline

18 year old Caroline's trilogy of punishments at the hands of the local Headmaster comes to its conclusion with her being spanked, then caned across the palms of her hand and finally bent over for her naked rear to have red-hot lines 'branded' upon it by his fearsome smoked Heavy Dragon cane.

vintage dress spanking

joinHe canes Sixth form delinquents

18 year olds Clover and Willow are the bane of the Sixth form teacher's lives. Always in trouble and disrespectful of their teachers the new Headmaster decides to take them in hand. A severe paddling is followed by the use of his heavy dragon cane on their bare bottoms whilst they are made to show all their 'womanly charms' to anyone entering his office.

vintage dress spanking

joinSlip ups get Caroline the slipper

18 year old Caroline should not take advantage of her guardian when he has broken his arm. Her behaviour warrants a good tanning and fortunately, for her guardian, he knows just the man to do it. He calls on his good friend the Headmaster to act 'in loco parentis' and to deliver the slippering Caroline so sorely needs.

Let the punishment fit the crime

joinLet the punishment fit the crime

Clover should never have been caught giving a blow job to the Captain of the opposing side's table tennis team! Not only was she expelled from the inter-school table tennis tournament but she lost her school the trophy! She is now in so much trouble only the Headmaster's rapid application of his hand, table tennis bat and gym slipper can assuage her guilt.

vintage dress spanking

joinFurther 1950's Dress Discipline

Caroline Grey's punishment for stealing a credit card and using it to buy her 1950's outfit is not over. She now faces the indignity of being made to strip off the dress and to be bent over for a severre bare bottom hairbrushing and paddling.

schoolgirl whiipped with cane

joinWillow's 18

Willow, at 18, should know better. The headmaster is furious with her and she gets a prolonged bare bottom spanking. Her smiles and other signs of disrespect cannot be tolerated and so she gets 12 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom. Not satisfied with her response this is soon increased to the maximum permitted - 18 strokes of a heavy cane on her naked rear.

punished at bedtime

joinA punishment at bedtime

Clover tries to sneak home after the party well after her curfew. She now finds herself in the undignified position of her head near the floor and her bottom uppermost as her cheeky panties get well spanked. Unfortunately her tormentor is not satisfied so she has to go to her room, change into her nightie and wait a second blistering attack on her already red bottom.

vintage dress spanking

join1950's Dress Discipline

Caroline Grey has been spending money on a credit card she has stolen. Her purchase of a 1950's outfit now turns out to be one of her more painful acquisitions when her guardian finds out!

schoolgirl ruler

joinWynter's Japanese schoolgirl spanking

18 year old Wynter has been out to a fancy dress party in her new Japanese Manga schoolgirl uniform. She looks exquisite but she has returned home drunk, and to make things worse, she drove herself home! This earns her a prolonged OTK session from her partner.

schoolgir lruler

joinAmelia Jane gets the cane

Amelia Jane Rutherford's attitude towards her new school and its rules has not changed. This 18 year old rebel still refuses to wear her new school's uniform. The Headmaster, having 'taken her in hand' only the week before now decides sterner measures are needed and, after making her change into her new uniform, Amelia receives a very severe caning on her bare bottom.

schoolgir lruler

join24 strokes for the first time

18 year old Lena still is not behaving as she should. Her guardian decides that she must firstly be spanked over her tights before they come down for a dose of the leather paddle. Not satisfied with her response he decides to cane her for the very first time in her life. Watch as Lena receives 24 stroles of the cane on her bare bottom, having never had the cane before.

schoolgir lruler

joinAmelia Jane's new school pain

6th former Amelia Jane Rutherford has been 'sent down' from Roedean for her disruptive and disobedient behaviour. This 18 year old rebel is now at her new school, one that is renowned for its strict rules and no-nonsense approach to discipline. She has not been there a week before she ends up over the Headmaster's knees getting her bottom warmed.

schoolgir lruler

joinTanned and tawsed for wearing blue tights

The school rules are quite strict concerning what is, and what is not, acceptable school uniform. Tights may be worn by 6th formers but only if they are black, as should be the shoes. 18 year old Kali's rebelious nature makes her wear blue tights and red shoes. Despite an earlier rebuke and punishment by the School Nurse she still is wearing the wrong uniform and therefore she is punished severely by her Housemaster with hand, paddle and tawse.

schoolgir lruler

joinThe Disciplinary Officer Calls

Pandora Blake works for a prestigious company and has been given a lot of freedom in her work routine. The company is blue-chip but it expects that its staff have the highest levels of probity. When they find out that Pandora has been using their time and computers to write sleazy spanking stories for publication they send their Disciplinary and Compliance Officer to see her. She is given the choice of taking his punishment or the sack!

schoolgir lruler

joinKali gets a dose of discipline

Young Kali should really not upset the school's Matron. This formidable Scottish lady does not brook any nonsense and when 18 year old Kali is rebellious during her school medical examinant ion she soon finds herself OTK getting her bottom warmed. Kali then attempts to slap matron and we see this young lady tawsed on both her hands and then onto her bare bottom which is still stinging from its spanking.

schoolgir lruler

joinPunishment of a spoilt brat

Amelia Jane Rutherford stars in this film. Amelia plays the part of a spoilt trophy wife who is always wanting her own way and a bottomless husband's wallet. Only this Christmas he gives her two presents she doesn'ty eant, aleather pddle and a cruel leather flogger. He takes both to Amelia's pert and most spankable bottom to teach her the erro of her ways.

schoolgir lruler

joinSlovenly Schoolgirls Get Spanked

Yesterday 18 year old Lena had been told to clean her room after school. Today she faces the penalty for ignoring that instruction. She is put over the knee and spanked soundly on her white panties before they are lowered and she gets her bottom turned bright pink by his hard hand.

schoolgir lruler

joinMasie Dee is paddled to penitence

Petite and fragile looking you would not think Masie Dee was a lazy and slothful 18 year old young lady. But this schoolgirl has tried her Headmaster's patience for the last time and he decides she needs a painful reminder that hard work is required towards her studies. He first spanks her soundly before applying his dreaded leather paddle to her naked buttocks for the sin of not wearing regulation school knickers.

schoolgir lruler

Rules for learning Latin

join18 year old Pandora Blake finds that her new school is not a progressive one. It believes in firm discipline and that girls should learn their lessons correctly. When her Latin teacher feels that she has not been working as hard as she should on her Latin vocab he takes a hard wooden yard ruler to her bare bottom whilsts she is made to recite the words she has difficulty with.

schoolgirl slippered

Slippered in Pyjamas

joinIt is not a good idea to be found rummaging in your guardian's prize vinyl record collection, especially when you have been warned off before. So it should no surprise then that 18 year old Lena finds out that his slipper makes a good, and painful, impromptu instrument of punishment ... and that thin pyjamas are no protection .... especially when they are around your knees!

schoolgirl spanked

Maid for trouble

joinFinding the maid lounging around when she should be doing her paid employmernt, the manager of the small hotel decides to take her in hand. her laziness and insolence make him see red. She is soundly spanked over his knees before being made to lose her panties and bent over for a severe dose of the tawse on her naked buttocks.

schoolgirl spanked

Red Bottom Riding Hood

join25 year old Kali is sent to see a discipline Master to receive deserved punishment and especially to experience her very first caning. This film shows Kali's experiences at the Master's hands as she is made to strip naked before him then made to bend over the bed for a hard tawsing followed by her very first real-life caning. See how her bottom and pudenda react to the cane's bite.

schoolgirl spanked Spanked brat

joinMasie is a spoilt 19 year old teenager who really can be most trying at times. But this time she goes too far and is tried, convicted and punished by her rich guardian. She is made to take off her scanty shorts and top and is then bent over for a serious OTK spanking during which she wriggels so much all her charms on view to whover may be watching.

schoolgirl spanked To catch a thief

joinScots lass Kali thinks that the isolated farmhouse is an ideal target to steal from. Seeing the owner drive off she breaks in and starts to rifle through his desk. Unfortunately for her he returns suddenly and catches her in the act. With the choice of him calling the Police, or accepting severe corporal punishment from the houseowner, she decides a hot bottom rather than cooling off in a cell is her best option. She is spanked, paddled and finally mercilessly tawsed on her bare bottom.

schoolgirl spanked
Punished for losing her hairbrush

joinPandora Blake has come to see Mr Stern because she has something to confess. She has lost the expensive Mason Pearson hairbrush she had been given. This is too much for our disciplinarian and he takes several implements, inclusing a hairbrush, to Pandora's lovely bottom to remind her to be more careful of her gifts in future.

schoolgirl spanked

By Appointment

join35 year old Dani arrives at the appointed hour at the "Headmaster's" house. Her knees quake with apprehension at what may befall her. She knows she will be dealt with severely for her sins are many. Dressed in her neat school uniform she will have her hands strapped with an Irish ferula, her white pantied, then bare, bottom tawsed before he finishes her off with a thrashing with his senior school cane. A great schoolgirl roleplay film.

schoolgirl spanked Niki Flynn caned for reading in class

joinInternational adult spanking model Niki Flynn gets a 43 stroke caning on her toned buttocks in this story. She is a 6th Form schoolgirl who is being punished for reading horror stories in class instead of doing her schoolwork. She is made to read passages from the offending book whilst being cane in an attempt to cure her of this 'addiction' to horrow stories.

schoolgirl spanked

Teenage girls need taming

joinMasie Dee is an 19 year old young lady that does not know when to keep quiet. She finds that her back-answering and argumentative ways invariably leads to a bare-assed spanking.

schoolgirl spanked

You are in for a rude awakening girl!

joinKali is a lazy 18 year old 6th form schoolgirl. She never gets up in time for school and she now pays the penalty for her tardiness. In this film she gets two severe spankings, one as she is made to get up and and another after she has changed, before your eyes, into her school uniform.

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked

Schoolgirl Lucy caned for cheek

joinSchoolgirl Lucy, 18, has been sent to her housemaster for a disciplinary session. Her cheek in class has now earned her a prolonged a bare-bottom spanking, a dose of a large leather paddle and finally a caning on her bare bottom. Maybe this will teach her a lesson ......?

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked

Even senior schoolgirls get caned on the bare

joinDani Loveday experiences a profound shock when she is put in a detention session with Mr Stern, the school's Diciplinary Officer. Stripped of her dignity, as well as her knickers, she is spanked and caned until her poor bum cheeks are scarlet.

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked

A Shoplifter's Punishment

joinEmma Brown has been found out! Her thieving and lying have now been revealed and she is going to get the hiding of her life! Emma is spanked OTK, her thieving hands are strapped with a tawse and then she is bent over, bare bottomed with all her feminine charms on show, for a severe caning with a heavy cane.

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked

The Secretary

joinNiki Flynn stars in this movie. She is the secretary to a well-meaning employer who treats her kindly. But in her dreams she really wants him to be a viscious tyrant who will spank and strap her for the slightest mistake on her part. We see what happens to her in her dreams.

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked

A Naughty Schoolgirl's Night-Out Warning

joinAfter her recent drunkeness and bad behaviour her guardian is determined that 18 year old Nikki is not going to misbehave herself on her night out with her friends. To that end he decides he will give her a severe taste of what will happen to her if she disobeys him and therfore young Nikki has to bare her ample bottom for a session with his wicked cane before she goes out.

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked Military Uniform Discipline

joinAnnie should not annoy her stable owning boss. He decides she needs to be punished immediately with a riding crop over her tight jodphurs then to return after taking her Army Cadet class for a further hard discplinary session whilst wearing her WRAC uniform.

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked A Cheerleader Chastised

joinNiki Flynn, the archetypal American brat, is the star in this movie. This young lady said in her autobiography "Dances with Wolves" that she always wanted to be spanked whilst wearing her genuine cheer-leaders uniform. We were happy to oblige her and more in this film of a young American exchange student finding that her cheerleading coach's control and disciplinary methods reach to these shores!

emma a uk model interviewed and spanked Emma - A UK model interviewd and spanked

joinEmma Brown is well-known on the UK spanking party and film circuit. Her bubbly personality and ability to smile even when being cruelly spanked and caned is a joy to behold. She has a cherubic face that says' It's not my fault' but also a bottom that cries out to be spanked, so she often is! We have a short interview with this lovely lady before we get down to business, on her bare bottom!

emma really wants a spanking
Emma really wants a spanking

joinEmma is a lovely young wife and her husband loves her sexy and provocative manner. But he knows this comes at price for Emma is a lady who cannot have her beautiful pert bottom remain unspanked for long. She is never able to just ask to be spanked so she has to wind up her husband until he gives her the very hot bottom she deserves ... and needs!

schoolgirls who smoke get spanked

Schoolgirls who smoke get spanked

joinLucy Baxter, 18, is the bane of any housemaster's life. Always in trouble and cheeky to boot! This time she tries her housemaster's patience too far by denying she smokes and so she gets an intimtae uniform inspection and then gets what she so rightly deserves, a well-spanked and slippered bare bottom.

wives should be wacked

Wives Should Be Wacked

joinWives like Dani need to be reminded who is boss in their house, and it is not her! When she gets shirty about getting her husband a whisky he decides she needs reminding that his word is law and his hand and paddle are the instruments of his power!


spanked red pa

Spanked red PA

join23 year old Rachel has now faces the second part of her punishment as her boss makes her go home to change into something more appropriate for his office. He inspects the new outfit and finds that she is still wearing the diaphanous panties he found so offensive before. She is made to remove the garment and bends over his knees for a extremely severe bare bottom spanking.


a measured response

A Measured Response

join18 year old Misty is lazy and discourteous to the teaching staff and so finds herself back in detention under the watchful gaze of Mr Stern. He firstly measures Misty's uniform to see if it complies with school regulations then uses the 3ft ruler on her hands! If this were not enough he then bares her bottom for a dose of the gym slipper and makes her display all her charms when he continues the slippering with Misty lying in the diaper position.

pert pa posterior punished

Pert PA Posterior Punished

joinRachel has not started her new job well. She has already earned the displeasure of her boss for her slovenly dress and her lackadaisical demeanour. He decides that she needs a sharp shock to improve her and he delivers a blistering handspanking to her pert, and so very red and pantiless , posterior.

two arguing girls get a sound spanking

Two arguing girls means four very hot cheeks

joinSometimes 18 year olds Summer and Lee get out of order. When he finds them fighting over a sexy magazine it is then the job of the man in the house to take them 'in hand' and deliver a stern lecture punctuated by his hard hand on their bare pert buttocks.


Lucy spanked in her japanese school uniform

Lucy spanked in her Japanese School Uniform

joinWhen Lucy is naughty and petulant her husband always knows how to deal with her. He makes her change into her authentic Japanese school uniform before he bares her bottom for a red hot spanking. Lucy then is seen to start to perform a very adult right of contrition!


a right martinet

A Right Martinet

joinAnnie has always called her husband "a right martinet" for his views on domestic discipline. What she now realises is that he has lived up to that reputation and bought one of the fearsome French leather whips and intends to use it on her tender bottom. Annie is thrashed without mercy for her illicit drinking habit.

japanese school uniform spanking

Japanese School Uniform Spanking

joinWhen this young wife gets randy she knows just how to enliven her tired husband's libido. Her new Japanese shool uniform soon awakens his desire ... to spank her pert cheeks bright red before stripping her naked, bending her over then .... well we will draw a veil of discretion over that bit!

interview with a spanking couple

Interview with a spanking couple

joinJason and Ashlea have diffeernt perspective on what makes a happy relationship. With these two adult lovers it it one based on Ashlea getting a red hot bottom whenever Jason, or Ashlea!, decide one is needed.


pole dancer punished

The punishment of a pole dancing probationer

joinMisty is trying to get a job as a pole dancer and Mr Stern took her on so long as she went on an expensive training course. It is obvious that she has learnt nothing and so now faces an angry Mr Stern who decides to giver her bottom a blistering spanking.


domestic disobedience punished

Domestic disobedience will not be tolerated

joinWhen she got too drunk to drive home the night before, Annie finds herself in hot water with her husband - who decides she needs an exemplary lesson in obedience. He spanks, straps, paddles and severely canes her bare bottom until it is firey red!


the housemaster spanks, tawses and canes Ashlea on her bare buttocks

The Housemaster

joinThe Housemaster's job is to lead his girls towards a better life. Sometimes he is called on to chastise the more recalcitrant of his 18 year old charges. In Ashlea's case she needs the severest of punbishments and she is spanked, slippered,has her hands tawsed, and then she feels the cane bite into her unprotected buttocks.


the caning of rachel

The Caning of Rachel

joinThe teacher knows best and in Rachel's case it is that all 18 year old ladies deserve punishment when naughty. Starting with a spanking over his knees her school skirt is soon raised and her white panties pulled down so he can do a thorogh job. Not satisfied that she has learnt her lesson he delivers a heavy paddling which is soon followed by a prolonged bare bottom caning over the desk.

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